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5th July  2019

Lyminge Historical Society Archive Catalogue List

In the table below you will find a list of some of the document files held in our repository. These are the ones that have been identified and catalogued over the last two years.

There are other documents, files, photographs, pictures, maps, books and sundry items that are yet to be catalogued.

All our work is done by volunteers and their time is also taken up with other projects and of course their private lives. So, whilst we will endeavour to completely catalogue all our holdings it will take some time.

It is possible to visit the repository but we have to make arrangements for a member of the society to accompany any visitors. If you want to visit please contact our Secretary or any other member of the LHS Committee who will do their best to arrange a mutually acceptable date and time. Before contacting us please see the notes at the top of each location’s listing.

Some items on the list that have been digitised and uploaded onto this website there are links to the item. These can be recognised by the now traditional means of blue under-line and if clicked on will open the file in a separate window.

Location    Description

The FC Prefix refers to a Filing Cabinet in the Repository

Subject to approval of the  LHS Committee and permission of the document’s owner(s) access to the original files maybe granted on application, please see note below.

FC001/01   The Burial  Place of St. Ethelburga 633-643 AD - Canon Jenkins

FC001/02   Archaeologia Cantiana (AC) - The Basilica of Lyminge – Jenkins and Gilbert - AC 1X, X, XV111, XXX - Presbyter Romanus – Gordon Ward - AC LXV - Lyminge/Lympne (Lemanoe) – Warhurst - AC LX1X - The Harbour of Lemanoe and mouth of Limene - AC XLV

FC001/03   Early Christian Basilicas – Jenkins -AC X

FC001/04   History of the Basilica and Conventual Church of St. Mary and St. Aeadburh in Lyminge - Jenkins

FC001/05   The Earliest Christian Churches in England – C R Peers

FC002      Lyminge Scrap book Vol. III Renovation and re-opening of Lyminge Church 1900

FC003/01   Literary Short Extracts - A History of Kent by Frank W Jessup pub. 1958 re Cemeteries

FC003/02   Highways and Byways in Kent by Walter Jerrod  pub. 1908

FC003/03   Ward Lock's Red Guide - Canterbury and the Kent Coast, re Lyminge

FC003/04   Register of Archbishop Winchelsey 1304

FC003/05   Perambulation of Kent 1570

FC003/07   Note re John Newman

FC003/08   Lyminge. Copy from unsourced book. Photo Station Road Shops

FC003/09   Ashenden's Sale Catalogue July 7th 1977. Photo Dick Ashenden  

FC004/01   Local Wills - Timothy Bedingfield 1691

FC004/02   Hanno Keete 1493

FC004/03   Unknown Will

FC005/01   The Jutish Cemetery Lyminge 1955 – Alan Warhurst - AC LX1X

FC005/02   Newspaper Cutting of Dig 1953

FC005/03   Materials from a local exhibition re Jutish Lyminge

FC006      Lyminge Association Newsletters Nov 1970 to Dec 1983 A1 Poster Lyminge Meeting - Lyminge Day Programmes. Photo Lyminge Day 1976

FC007      Obituary Brigadier Laurence Norman Cholmeley CBE. 1905-1991

FC008      Precis of Lyminge Communicants From Compton Census 1678

FC009      Skyfotos Ltd. Photos Lyminge and Etchinghill

FC0010/01  Story of Methodism in Lyminge. - Methodist Circuit Magazine No. 10 October 1894

FC0010/02  Methodist Church, Lyminge. July 1894-August 1944

FC0010/03  Marching On Church Brochure 1944.

FC0010/04  Various pieces from above documents.

FC0011/01  A Map of the Hundred of Loningborough and Folkestone. Copied and Joined.

FC0011/02  Contents of individual volumes of Edward Hasted's 'Kent' series. - Introduction  by A.M. Everitt.

FC0011/03  Copies of Hasted Vol. V111. Lyminge, Stelling and  Elham. - Copies of Hasted. The Hundred of Stowting –  Elmstead p.33.45

FC0012      Copy of A Brief History of the Parish of Lyminge – Arthur W Davis 1933

FC0013      Deanery of Elham referring to Lyminge – Canterbury Cathedral Library - 4 November 1561-May 1565

FC0014      Lyminge Magazine April 1963 – includes village organisations and shops

FC0015      The Folkestone Programme and Weekly Review January 1901 - Death of Queen Victoria

FC0016      A descriptive and historical account of Folkestone and its neighbours re Lyminge - 1883 -S. J. Mackie

FC0017      Plan of Silverlands Estate 1969

FC0018/01  Transcript of Lyminge Parish Register 1538-1837

FC0018/02  Baptisms 1630-1837

FC0018/03  Burials 1538-1836

FC0018/04  Public and General Acts 1978. Some details taken from Transcripts e.g. girls' names, occupations

FC0019/01  Lyminge Village Hall Opening 1982. 2 Newspaper Articles and Photos. - Lyminge Village Hall Newsletter advertising the opening.

FC0020      Copies from Kelly's Directory re Lyminge, 1845, 1874, 1887, 1890 and 1895

FC0021      Three Letters from Canon Jenkins to Mr. St. John Hope. 1893

FC0022      Copy of Extract from the Antiquities of Canterbury Part 1 by William Somner 1703 - re Parish Churches, Parochial Churches - Lyminge

FC0023      Copy of Extract from Kent Surveyed and Illustrated – Thomas Philipott 1659 - Page 221, re Lyminge

FC0024      Copy of Extract of St. Augustine of Canterbury – Sir H. H.Howorth 1913 - page 331, The Saxon Church at Lyminge

FC0025/01 Domesday Book of Kent Copy 1080

FC0025/02 The Lordship of Lyminge

FC0026/01 The Chartulary of the Monastery of Lyminge – R. C. Jenkins  - Sketch of the Manor of Lyminge

FC0026/02  Westenhanger Charter 1035. Map  AC Vol XLV11 1935 - Postcard from Evelyn Holt re above.

FC0027/01  A Short History of the Church of St. Mary and St.  Ethelburga – Parsons 1956

FC0027/02  A Brief History of the Church of St. Mary and St. Ethelburga, Lyminge - Davis 1927, revised Davis 1937.

FC0028      A Short Biography of Canon Jenkins 1815-1895

FC0029/01  Elham Workhouse at Etchinghill. The House the Union Built 1835.

FC0029/02  Register of Deaths Lady Day 1842 001

FC0029/02  Register of Deaths Lady Day 1842 002

FC0029/03  Extract from Letter book 1841-1842

FC0029/04  Extracts from Census 1851 001

FC0029/04  Extracts from Census 1851 002

FC0029/05  Guardians of Elham Union. Parsons directory 1911 and 1914

FC0029/06  Extract from Letter book 1838,1848,1855,1860,1869

FC0029/07  Article in Folkestone Chronicle. Life Inside the Elham  Union 1878

FC0029/08  The Elham Union Workhouse and The Poor Law 1841

FC0029/09  Elham Union Workhouse. By Ann Neville

FC0029/10  Folkestone and District Report on Elham Institute

FC0029/11  Items from an Exhibition on Elham Union Workhouse between 1892 and 1894

FC0029/12  Etchinghill Workhouse Punishment Book 1906-1913 01

FC0029/12  Etchinghill Workhouse Punishment Book 1906-1913 02

FC0029/13  Lyminge Poor Rates Accounts 1756

FC0030/01  Windmills in Lyminge; Fisher and Gibben's family connection with mills. Manuscript by Edith Gibben, Memories re Lyminge

FC0030/02  Copy from Watermills and Windmills – William Coles- Finch 1933  - "Lyminge Mills" p. 238

FC0030/03  Article on Windmills at Lyminge

FC0031/01  Newspaper Cuttings: Folkestone Herald Article 'Bomb Dropped on Folkestone' 1917

FC0031/02  Adscene. Lyminge Parish Party 1983.

FC0031/03  Folkestone Herald. Etchinghill Old Village Hall 1985

FC0031/04  Folkestone Herald. Cleaning the Nailbourne 1985

FC0032/01  Folkestone Herald Reports on 80th Birthday of Canon Jenkins. - Fundraising to celebrate birthday.

FC0032/02  Folkestone Herald. Two Reports on Death of Canon Jenkins. - Folkestone Herald Report on Funeral.

FC0032/03  Details of Printed Works and Music of Canon Jenkins.

FC0032/04  Details of Will of Canon Jenkins

FC0032/05  Family History Research into Canon Jenkins

FC0033/01  Various Papers re Lyminge Church. - Funeral of Bishop Knight

FC0033/02  Lyminge Church Restoration

FC0033/03  Lyminge War Memorial

FC0033/04  Lyminge Church Report 1912 : AC XXX

FC0033/05  Dedication and Opening of Lyminge Church Hall

FC0033/06  Manuscript copy from old Wills - Rectors and Vicars of  Lyminge

FC0033/07  An Appeal to Parishioners of Lyminge

FC0033/08  A list of people responsible for the Church and Community Activities

FC0034      A History of St. Oswald Church, Paddlesworth, Kent – A.W. Davis 1929, Revised 1975

FC0035/01  Lyminge Fire Brigade -The Fire Brigade Society

FC0035/02  Lyminge Fire Brigade 1941-1950

FC0035/03  Notes on the Fire Brigade and Workshops at Lyminge during WW11

FC0035/04  Reverse of postcard with details of Fire Brigade photo –  but no photo!

FC0035/05  Group photo of Lyminge Workshop. Details, but no photo

FC0036       Information re the Hogben Family.

FC0036/01  OS Map of Lyminge 1892

FC0036/02  Map of Lyminge, sketched by Miss Hogben 1956

FC0036/03  Lyminge Parish Records of Hogben Family 1544-1836

FC0036/04  History of Hogben Family Name

FC0036/05  Elsie Hogben's Notes

FC0036/06  Letter to Derek Boughton from Jock 1996 and Hogben History

FC0037      Four different editions of   Points of Interest in the Church, Lyminge

FC0038      Discoid Grave Markers. Norman or Saxon Period.

FC0039/01  Bedingfield Charity. copy from Commissioners for enquiries concerning Charities 1819-1837

FC0039/02  Accounts 1901- 1902. Bedingfield Education Endowment

FC0039/03  Advert to apply for the Endowment, 2 letters of application 1929 & 1931

FC0039/04  Letter from Joan Anderson with reference to Lyminge School and report from Charity Commissioners.

FC0040      Copy from History of Kent by H. F. Abell 1898 - p. 37 – Lyminge, Ethelburga - p. 48-49 – Lyminge Churches

FC0041      Copy of Ration Books from World War II, Clothing, Food, Furniture

FC0042      Copy of 1841 Census for Lyminge

FC0043      Copy of 1851 Census for Lyminge

FC0044      Copy of 1861 Census for Lyminge

FC0045      Copy of 1871 Census for Lyminge

FC0046/01  Copy of 1881 Census for Lyminge

FC0045/02  Manuscript details of population, trade and expansion  taken from Lyminge Censuses 1801-1881

FC0047/01  Folkestone Herald. Copy of Miss C. Millar's articles on Lyminge Church history

FC0047/02  Folkestone Herald. 1905.  - p.6 - Lyminge Wesleyans article - p.14 – Lyminge Tea Gardens Advert

FC0048/01  HRH Duke of Kent's Visit to Lyminge June 1939 Letter of Thanks

FC0048/02  Various newspaper cuttings details the visit

FC0048/03  Mounted photograph Duke of Kent with ex Servicemen outside the Church Hall, - Rectory Lane – Mr Harland 1936(?)

FC0049/01  Lyminge Church Vicars and Rectors : Induction of Rev.  Luckett 1960

FC0049/02  Hasted History of Kent 1790. List of Vicars of Lyminge

FC0049/03  Letter to Rev. Luckett. Schedule of Vicars 1569-1928

FC0049/04  Adscene newspaper cutting Rev. Worgan involved in 'A Man For All Seasons' 1985

FC0049/05  Lyminge School Summer Fayre 1984 – programmes with  shops and organisation in Lyminge

FC0049/06  Extract of' 'Liminge' from a topographic survey of the County of  Kent

FC0049/07  St. Ethelburga Churches, Barking and Bishopsgate

FC0049/08  Folkestone Gazette Article – Lyminge Parish Church selling a Piano 1967

FC0050      Letters concerning faculties – Lyminge and Paddlesworth Churches 1899-1964

FC0051      Conveyance of 1 and 2 Mill Cottages, Lyminge. KCC demolished for road improvements

FC0052      Rev. Alan Gibson letter to LHS re his talk on St. Oswald's at Paddlesworth - Copy of Jenkins' article The Basilica of Lyminge: postscript by Rev. A Gibson

FC0053      LHS Literature. Programme Cards 1971-1993.  - Tickets for Parties.  - Newsletter No. 2 May 1984

FC0054      Extract from unknown Guidebook re Lyminge

FC0055/01  Extract from Parish Magazine 1901

FC0055/02  Church Warden's Accounts 1719-1754 - The Rector's Notes

FC0056/01  Lyminge Silver Band. Copy of Rules

FC0056/02  Folkestone Herald Article 1929

FC0056/03  Copy of photograph of Band – without names

FC0056/04  Photo of Besson Challenge Cup 1930 - Copy of Band at Garden Fete 1930 – named players

FC0057      Canon Robert Jenkins 1896. A Hand Guide to the Church of St. Mary and St. Eadburg

FC0058      Carta Withredi Regis Cantuarior: Ecclesiae B Mariae Apud Liming circa AD693

FC0059      Explanation of Hearth Tax. Returns Schedule of Lyminge 1662

FC0060      Canon Jenkins. Extract from The Saxon Dynasty,Pedigree of Kentish Kings

FC0061/01  1st Series O.S. Map Surveyed 1872. Lyminge

FC0061/02  Folkestone Herald. Obituary for PC Wellington Boot. 1972 Elham & District

FC0062      O.S. Map Lyminge 1898 (in 5 pieces)

FC0063      O.S. Map Lyminge 1907 - O.S. Map including Sibton Park and Longage Farm

FC0064      O.S. Map Lyminge 1939

FC0065      O.S. Map Etchinghill including New Barn 1907

FC0067/01  An Historical Sketchbook of Lyminge 1983, preparation  for front cover photos

FC0067/02  Master copy of Sketchbook

FC0067/03  Programme of Events and sticker Lyminge Parish Church   633-1983

FC0067/04  Preparations for Exhibition. Letter to Societies

FC0068      HMS Folkestone: Copies of photos: During the War; Stationary in coastal waters; 1934 in Hong Kong Harbour; Details of Hastings Class

FC0069      Churches of Kent by S.R. Glynne. Lyminge Church p.  93/94/95

FC0070      O.S. Map Lyminge 1973

FC0071      Extract from Bradshaw's Directory re Lyminge 1847

FC0072      Register of Persons Entitled to Vote 1843. Note of  Explanation

FC0073      Melville & Co Directory. Lyminge Extract 1858. Extract from Melville & Co. Directory 1858.

FC0074/01  Sibton Park Cricket Club 1929-1938 - Programme of Matches

FC0074/02  South Kent Gazette Article on Opening of New Pavilion  1983

FC0074/03  Notes regarding Ground and Nailbourne Flooding

FC0074/04  'Wet Wicket News'. Sibton Park CC Newsletter December 1989

FC0075      Payment for Vermin in Church Warden's Accounts 1751

FC0076      Copy of Surrender of Advowson. Lyminge 1546. Archbishop Cranmer

FC0077/01  Church Bells. Lyminge and Postling - Bells of Postling Church 1974

FC0077/02  Lyminge Bells and Ringers 1983. D. Joyce

FC0077/03  3 Photos Lyminge Bell Ringers 1983

FC0077/04  Letters from D. Joyce. Albert Tanton 1883-1889

FC0077/05  Date Line of Casting of Lyminge Bells

FC0077/06  Obituary Item Mr. Louis Head 1976

FC0077/07  Dedication of Lyminge Bells and Service Sheet 1904

FC0077/08  Kentish Express Article 'Return of Lyminge Bells 2002'

FC0078      History of Sibton Park and Sibton Manor

FC0079/01  Newspaper Article 'Beating the Bounds' Lyminge

FC0079/02  Photograph of Beating the Bounds, Lyminge, 6 May 1964

FC0080/01  SS Lyminge. Short Article about 2 ships with the name Lyminge  - 2 photos prior to September 1931

FC0080/02  Arthur Joyce. Marine Artist from Lyminge.  - Kent Life Article Jan. 1981 - Denholm News Spring 1978 - Prisoner in Kawasaki camp in Japan World War II - Kent Scene 1992. Article about Mr Joyce (On reverse, article on Stelling Minnis)

FC0081      Guide to St, Peters on the Wall Bradwell Essex. 645AD. Comparison of Anglo Saxon Church to Lyminge

FC0082      Advert Lyminge Tea Gardens . Pike Blue Book 1906/7

FC0084      KCC archive office. Notes on how to Trace the History of your House. Booklet “Your house and how to trace its History

FC0085/01  Local archaeological finds: Roman Coin Report

FC0085/02  Letter and Photograph (Metalegerrel)

FC0087/01  Lyminge School History. Various papers re School and Independent Schools in Lyminge

FC0087/02  Letter to Mr. Gouldsworthy from Joan Anderson 1982 with references to Lyminge School from different sources

FC0087/03  Ethelburga Festival Pageant 1983 - Various items re-education from exhibition. Poster. List of Visitors

FC0087/04  Ethelburga Festival Pageant 1983 - Programme. Suggestions. Script. Folkestone Herald Report and Photos

FC0087/05  Education in the Parish of Lyminge. Notes re Licences to Teach

FC0087/06  Lyminge Parish Magazine re School History 1900-1953

FC0087/07  School 150th Anniversary. Pen and Tea-Towel with children's faces

FC0087/08 Lyminge C of E Primary School. Deeds, Plans, O.S. Map Tayne Field

FC0088      Directory of Associations and Charities in Lyminge Area 1985

FC0089/01  The Swing Riots. Copy from J. L. and B. Hammond's 'The Village Labourer'  - 1760-1832

FC0089/02  Letter from D. M. Boughton 1981. Research into The Swing Riots in Lyminge Area

FC0090      Fire at Mr. Palmer's house, Canterbury Road, Lyminge 21.03.1984, South Kent Gazette, front page article

FC0091      The Kentish Royal Saints, An enquiry into the legends and the facts behind them.  Kenneth Witney 1984 - an offprint from AC Vol. C1

FC0092      Celtic Christianity: Information and Reflections following a week in Iona February 1985. Clive Borland

FC0093/01  Lyminge Boys' Club. Book of Minutes

FC0093/02  Book of Accounts and Bills 1931-1934

FC0094      Extract from 'Kentish Place Names' by J.K.Wallenberg 1931 - p.25 Lyminge

FC0095      Lyminge Village Study 1988, Comprehensive study from a questionnaire and historical details

FC0096/01  Frances Lubbock Jex-Blake 1906-1989. Obituary Item

FC0096/02  Order of Funeral Service

FC0096/03  Letter from Rev. Hanmer, Norwich

FC0097      Growth of Etchinghill Settlement.

FC0098      Churches in the Canterbury Dioceses. Sources for their history by Duncan Harrington and Tim Tatton-Brown

FC0099      Part of the Fisher Family Documents. Manuscript copy and typescript copy by Isabelle F. Fisher

FC0100/01  Induction of the Rev. Frank Kent 1989. Form of Service for the Induction

FC0100/02  Invitation to Induction Service

FC0100/03  Newspaper photo recording Induction

FC0101      AC Vol. CIV 1987: The Period of Mercian Rule in Kent and a Charter of AD811 by K.P. Witney

FC0102      Parsonage Farm, North Elham. Palmer Family History - Guide Book and Leaflet - Train Service for Lyminge Sale

FC0103      Lyminge Christmas Fat Stock Show and Sale 1914. Poster and Catalogue

FC0104      Copy of letter from Lilian Chapman September 1982 re Palm Tree Cottage - and Ivy Cottage

FC0105      Bourne Floods. Winter 2000-2001. - Environment Agency Information Sheet - Newspaper 5-page Special on Flooding 15 Feb 2001

FC0106/01 Lyminge Walk 1979

FC0106/02 Guided Tour Series No. 1. Lyminge Village

FC0106/03 Folkestone Herald Report of October Walk 1979

FC0107     Daily Telegraph WWII 50th  Anniversary Edition

FC0108     LHS WWII 50th Anniversary Exhibition Material

FC0109/01 Daily Telegraph: Abdication of Edward VIII

FC0109/02 Daily Telegraph: Dropping of Atomic Bomb 1945

FC0110/01 Daily Telegraph: Elizabeth II is crowned. 3 June 1953

FC0110/02 Daily Telegraph: East Germans Seal Berlin Border. 14.08.1961

FC0111/01 Daily Telegraph: President Kennedy is Assassinated. 23 Nov 1963

FC0111/02 Daily Telegraph Winston Churchill is Dead. 25 Jan 1965

FC0112/01 Daily Telegraph: Moon Landing. 1969

FC0112/02 Daily Telegraph: President Nixon Resigns. 1974

FC0114/01 Folkestone Herald. Article and photograph, Launch of Lyminge Sign. 29 June 1990

FC0114/02 Photos of Launch of Lyminge Sign. Photos of Scottish Dancers at Launch of Sign.

FC0115     Battle of Bosenden Wood near Dunkirk, Canterbury  - John Nichols Tom, also known as Sir William Courtney.  Died 1838

FC0116     Obituary. Mary Smith 1904-1990, from Elham, who wrote 'Harvest of Messerschmitts'

FC0117/01 Tolsford Hill Radio Station.

FC0117/02 Memories of Marian Read, Rock Cottage

FC0117/03 New Inn Etchinghill 1595

FC0117/04 Notes for the developmentof the first Etchinghill Guide

FC0118     Leyton Layberry, Lyminge author

FC0119/01 Material from an exhibition. Domesday Society in Lyminge 1086

FC0119/02 Material from an exhibition. The Millennium of St. Dunstan 1088

FC0119/03 Material from an exhibition. The Monastic Society in Lyminge. Benedictine rule.

FC0120/01 Elham Valley Railway – Lyminge. Plans and Drawing of Station

FC0120/02 Items from an exhibition of Elham Valley Railway

FC0121     Folkestone Herald. Lyminge Library Award 1989

FC0122     A Village Walk, Etchinghill, 1991 - Research of Places and Street History for the Walk

FC0123     History of Pluckley - booklet

FC0124     Aerial Photograph of Channel Tunnel Site, Cheriton

FC0125/01 Romney Marsh Parish Church Guides - St. Clements, Old Romney

FC0125/02 All Saints, Lydd

FC0125/03 St. Augustine, Brookland

FC0125/04 St. George, Ivychurch

FC0126/01 Churchwarden's Accounts 1719-1801 (Copies)

FC0126/02 Overseer's Accounts 1799-1834 (Copies)

FC0126/03 Extracts copies from Accounts 1744

FC0127     Folkestone Herald. Souvenir Edition The Past 100 Years 1891-1991, Folkestone and Hythe

FC0128     Naval Heritage at Portsmouth 1990. Folder of Information for Teachers 1990 and details of ships in Historic Dockyard

FC0129     Royal Portraits from the Plea Rolls

FC0130     Excavations of South Cadbury Castle 1969

FC0131     'Heritage'. Civilisation and the Jews - A Channel 4 Viewer's Guide from WNET New York 1985

FC0132     Church Brasses - Canterbury. St. Margaret's, St. Martins Chartham, Herne, Boughton-under-Blean, Brabourne

FC0133     Churches in Kent Guides. - Fordwich, Minster in Thanet, Rolvenden, Smarden. - Sandwich Town Guides

FC0134     National Portrait Gallery Room Guide

FC0135     The Hundred of Wrotham, Copy of Map

FC0135     Copy of the Cinque Ports Confederation. Maps of Medieval Coastline. 1572(?)

FC0137     Lyminge Church Monumental Inscriptions - Inside Church 1991 - Letter from A.H. Taylor re Inscriptions in Church - Grave Stone Inscriptions

FC0138     'Invicta' Story of Dover Castle - 'On View' News from Canterbury Museums Heritage Award

FC0139/01 Lyminge, Etchinghill and local Villages - Snippets.

FC0139/02 Folkestone Visitors' List and Society Journal 1895. Treatment of Tramps

FC0139/03 Research Notes. The Labouring Class and The Poor

FC0139/04 Research Notes. The Elham Workhouse 1878

FC0139/05 Poem about Life in the Workhouse

FC0140     Ancient Egyptian Chronology

FC0141    Church Warden's Accounts 1735-1755, hand-written copy

FC0142    Church Warden's Accounts 1719-1734, hand-written copy

FC0144/01  Martin Constant: A Ship-owner from Ottinge, Kent Scene Article by A.H. Joyce. Martin Constant WWII experiences.

FC0114/02 Extracts from 'A Harvest of Messerschmitts' by Mary Smith. - The Chronicle of a 'Village of War' by Dennis Knight 1940

FC0145      West Wood, Lyminge. Oasis Development, Evidence and Papers containing: - Historical Aspect by Mrs. M. Hendrick - Evidence by Rosemary A. Dixon - Maps and Site of Tumuli - Full Historical and Archaeological Details from Canterbury Archaeological Trust - with University of Liverpool Reports.

FC0146      The History of St. Mary's Hospital, Etchinghill.

FC0148      Award for Bravery – Chris Blanch

FC0149      Flight Lt. Alan E. Allson.  Imperial War Grave Commission Grave in Lyminge - Churchyard.

FC0150      Colour Photo of Women's' Institute Etchinghill 1994

FC0151      Correspondence re Chester Family History. Mike Chester & Derek Moris 1996

FC0152      'A Background to the Farms around Lyminge', by Mrs. Ena Downs

FC0153      Fisher Family Scrapbook. - Gibbens Family

FC0154/01  Some of the Hogbens of Lyminge. Hambrook Family History - Data collected by Stephen Lucas Hogben July 2001

FC0154/02  Supporting Copy Data with Census information. Parish Registers BDM and photographs

FC0154/03  Hogben, Edward and Mary, July 2001

FC0154/04  Hambrook family information

FC0155      Etchinghill Cricket Club 1930-1993

FC0157      Patrixbourne and Bekesbourne - Copy from 'A Saunter through Kent' by C. Igglesden Vol. IX - Kelly's Directory – Kent 1892 - Wingham Hundred – Source Unknown  

FC0158      O.S. Reprint of 1st Edition 1 Inch Map of 1819 – Canterbury – including Lyminge - Railways Inserted 1889

FC0159      Bill Flack's interview transcriptions regarding his WW2 experiences including being a prisoner of war.

FC0160      Best Kept Village – Lyminge 1998 - Leaflet, The 100 Year Celebration for the St. Ethelburgha Well. 26 September 1998 - Restoration of the Well

FC0161     History of English Handwriting - Copy from Kent Archives Office

FC0162     Notes of Photos of Lyminge Pubs (Photos not included)

FC0163/01 Tithe Map 1842 Lyminge.  - 11 Photos of Tithe Map with Covering Notes and photo details.

FC0163/02  Hand Drawn Map Showing Fields and Numbers, Explanation of Owners and Crop Details

FC0163/03 Photo of 'Sketch of the Manor of Lyminge' from the Domesday Survey

FC0164    The Charter of Oswini of Kent 689AD. - Copy of Manuscript and Translation

FC0165    The Manor of Lyminge 1285. - Map and hand-written text - 3 photos of old wagon track.

FC0166    KCC Tender for Supplying Team Labour 1914-1915 - Elham RDC.  Supply and Delivery of Materials for District Roads 1916

FC0167    'Cards re Antiquities'. County Planning Officer's Records 1980. Lyminge Area - A Guide to Local Finds from 1950 (Prior to Reading University Digs)

FC0168    Listed Buildings, Lyminge from County Planning Offices 1980

FC0169    Copy from 'A Saunter Through Kent', C. Igglesden. Vol. III 1901 re Lyminge

FC0170    Mrs Jean Leftley. Family History, Woodford Lodge, Rhodes Minnis

FC0171/01 Catalogues of Information held re Lyminge - List of Documents in Bower Chest in Lyminge Churches

FC0171/02 List of Documents Lyminge Parish Council lodged with Shepway D.C. 1979

FC0171/03 Catalogues of Information held, re Lyminge, at Folkestone Library - Material in Local History Collection, Reference Library

FC0171/04 Supplementary Notes on Material Held in Heritage Room 1999

FC0171/05 Computer Printout of 89 Matches- Lyminge Material held at Folkestone Library 1999

FC0171/06 Catalogue of Information re Lyminge held at Canterbury - Letter from Royal Museum and Public Library, Canterbury, to Mr. Rendel 1971

FC0171/07 List from Beaney Library, Canterbury 1981

FC0171/08 Canterbury Cathedral Archive and Library re Lyminge Parishioners

FC0171/09 Index Cards, unknown source, Lyminge

FC0171/10 Catalogue of Information re Lyminge held at Maidstone - Kent Count Library Maidstone, Town and Village Information Sheets 1984

FC0171/11 County Archive Index Cards re Lyminge

FC0171/12 County Library Maidstone. Lyminge Place Index 1981

FC0171/13 Information re Lyminge held at Lambeth Palace Library - Letter from Lambeth Palace Library 1983 re Records on Lyminge

FC0171/14 Letter from Dept. of History, University of Reading, 1981, regarding Lyminge - Parishioners in 1557

FC0172/01 PCC Booklet for Newcomers 1965

FC0172/02 PCC Revised Charges for Church Hall 1974

FC0173/01 A Description of the Setting Up and Functioning of the 1st Parish Councils

FC0173/02 Parish Councillor Douglas Pidding 1983

FC0174    Info re Tombstone in Garden of Wesley Terrace, Lyminge

FC0175    Repairs at St. Mary's Hospital. 1980.  Photos of Cracked Beam and Newspaper Item from 1873.

FC0176    Areas of Archaeological Potential, Lyminge 2001 - Map with Sites. Archaeological Finds in Lyminge

FC0177    Sawkins Family History from Parish Registers 1567-1769

FC0178     A Hunting Album. East Kent Hunt photos printed 2003

FC0179    Quiz. Where in the World Is It? Lyminge 1985- 23 Photos in and around Lyminge with Answer Sheet

FC0180    Lyminge Football Club 1920-1921 - Lyminge FC Photograph - Letter from Chris Blanch naming some of the Players, 2008

FC0181     Lyminge Historical Society Archive Repository Papers 2007/2008 - LHS Minutes and General Notes  - Photo and Advert for Derek Boughton's Talk on 18th Century Elham  - Photo of 3 Founding Members of LHS Cutting 21st Birthday Cake 1992

FC0182/01 Lyminge C.of E. Primary School 1849-1999. A short  history

FC0182/02 School Prospectus 1982-1983, 1999

FC0182/03 Colour Photo. Pupils of Lyminge Primary School at War Memorial 2007

FC0182/04 Copy of 2 Black and White Photos, possibly Sibton Park, 1950

FC0182/05 LHS Constitution  from 1982 re-typed 1989. Secretary's Tasks, List of Members 2005-2006

FC0182/06 Lyminge Parish. 'A Brief History', Bob Gay 2001

FC0182/07 Parish History Lyminge Newsletter. Unknown date

FC0183    St. Ethelburga's Tomb, Lyminge

FC0184    Baptismal Register 1964-1997

FC0185    Archaeological Finds in the Lyminge Area - Large Map of Lyminge Area with Details of Situations and Finds - Detailed List of Archaeological Finds with Photos and Drawings - Possibly from an Exhibition? - Prior to University of Reading Digs 2008

FC0186     LHS Photo Quiz October 1979. How Well Do You Know Your Parish? No Photos!

FC0187    Newspaper Cutting 2013 re Lyminge Day 1980, Lawnmower Race

FC0188    1987 Hurricane Reports of S.E. Kent - A Pictorial Souvenir of South Kent Storm Damage 1987 - 11 Articles from National and Local Newspapers - 3 Photos of Lyminge Churchyard Damage

FC0189/01 Lyminge Toc-H Papers and Bank Details. Passbook – Weekly Payments by Members

FC0189/02 Lyminge Toc-H Bank Papers

FC0190    Assignment of Glebe Lands 1859. Copies of Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries - Papers

FC0191    FC0191 Lyminge Primary School art club Dragons Project 2011/2012, & Superheroes project 2012/2013

FC0192    Various Research Notes on Elham Union Workhouse from Sandgate Society

FC0193    My Memories of Etchinghill, by Mr. Bailey.

FC0194     Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Magazines (1-71) Jan 1894- Dec. 1899

FC0195/1   Lyminge Parish records from Vol.1 at the British Museum.

FC0195/2   Publications of the Rectors of Lyminge at the British Museum.

FC0195/3   Three letters from Arthur J Willis about the Rectors of Lyminge at the British Museum publications (FC0195/2).

FC0196/1   The Vicar and his Tithes, 1603 - from Lyminge in the Church Courts.

FC0196/2   Breach of promise of marriage 1608 - from Lyminge in the Church Courts.

FC0196/3   Witchcraft - Henry Pantry is suspected 1565 - from Lyminge in the Church Courts.

FC0196/4   Two unidentified scripts from 1676 - from Canterbury Cathedral Chapter Library.

FC0197      Elham Valley Lions Day Programme July 1980.

FC0198      Letters to Lyminge platoon June 1941.

FC0199      Folkestone Herald report - first public showing of the 'Boche Buster' film 1979.

FC0200      Canterbury Cathedral Archive email explaining the reasons for the move to Kent History and Library in Maidstone

FC0201      A Wartime Christmas 1939-1945 - Family History and Research Group of LHS,  Library display 2015

FC0202      VJ Day 1945 70th Anniversary 2015 - Family History and Research Group of LHS, Library display 2015

FC0203      Tracing your Family History - Family History and Research Group of LHS, Library display 2015

FC0204      Reprinted  The Times 1915. Poster RSPCA fund for sick and wounded horses.

FC0205      - Kent Life 1964 Makers of Instruments. Richard Clayson  and Andrew Garrett article page 54

               - Tappington Hall Farm, Denton article page 46

FC0206      Sibton Park Girls School. 1970

FC0207      Spencer Weigall , talk papers from Rosemary Piddock

FC0208      Off print from Cantiana Archaeologica (C.A.) vol.138 2017 Robert Baldwin. re  Lyminge Church dedication

FC0209      St. Dunstan and the Church of Lyminge. Photocopy of                      article by Rev. Jenkins 1881

FC0210      Lyminge Parish Church. 1350th Anniversary First day                       cover envelope

FC0211      3 pictures of Lyminge Railway StationFC02121 photo of                   Invicta Girls’ Club party at Miss Shillingsford 1922

FC0213/01  WW1 Memorabilia.FC0213/02‘The Times’ The Austrian                     Tragedy 29.6.1914. Copy of newspaper

FC0213/03  ‘Kent Messenger’ Kent and the Great War.  Articles and                   photos of the period

FC0214      Imperial War Museum. Copy of 4 WW1 posters

FC0215      LHS Archaeology on Tayne Field – copy of poster 2016

FC0216      Preparation items for Lyminge a History 10,
                  Chapter 78:Palm Tree House, Lyminge

FC0217      Items from a display in Lyminge Library by Lyminge                        Family History & Research Group. Hops and Hop Picking                  in Kent

FC0218      Items from a display in Lyminge Library by Lyminge                       Family History & Research Group. Anniversaries in 2018

FC0219      Items from a display in Lyminge Library by Lyminge                  Family History and Research Group. ‘Newspapers’

FC0220      Items from research into Lieutenant Spens MC.                 Commemorated on Lyminge War Memorial.  Died Western                 Desert 1942.  Lyminge a History Book 5.

FC0221/01  Lyminge Day Official Souvenir 1971?

FC0221/02  Lyminge Day Official Souvenir 1976?

FC0222      Herbert Alfred Barton.  Certificate. Member of the Air                 Training Corps. Lyminge.

FC0222/01 New Year Greetings

FC0222/02 Letter from Bert to Miss J Wells

FC0222/03 Menu Christmas Lunch 1944 India

FC0223/01 Covering letter explaining the wartime recollections by                Roy Humphreys.

FC0223/02 ‘Apples for Airmen’

FC0223/03 ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’ Stories of a local air crash in                 WW11


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