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5th July  2019

Lyminge Historical Society

Publications: Click to see a synopsis of each volume

The Society is proud of its publishing; all of our volumes have been commissioned or updated and printed over the last few years.

Lyminge a history series

The idea of producing a written history of the parish came from Duncan Harrington in 2008. Duncan is a local resident and professional historian who, coincidentally, is also the current editor of of the series and is compiling the next part for publication.

The series records social aspects of the parish including its people, buildings, businesses, natural and arboreal history and also the geophysical attributes of the land on which it sits.

We have avoided the timeline style of history and in its place selected themes where possible in an attempt to relate the past to present.

For example, Part 3 deals primarily with World War Two and its effects on the lives of the parishioners.

We hope to produce an Archaeological volume in the future dedicating the whole volume to the outstanding success of the Lyminge Digs carried out by Reading University since.

Wherever possible we illustrate the text with contemporary photographs, drawings and maps etc.

For a full list of the contents of each volume click here.

The contributors are drawn from local residents, enthusiastic amateur and professional historians.

The recordings of the natural sciences come from professionals in their own field and finally we have been privileged to be able to edit and adapt articles from our extensive archive taking contemporary accounts of events and lives and bringing them into the 21st century.

As all the contributors volunteer their time and knowledge giving their work to the Society for publication free of charge, for which we are very grateful, we can produce the volumes at very reasonable cost.

The volumes costs 5.00 each for parts 1-5, 6 for part 6 and 7 and 7 for part 8.

The rise in printing costs over the years is the primary reason for the difference in pricing, and in part 8 we have introduced full colour to the illustrations, where the original is in colour.


These are published so that visitors have a useful set of guidebooks to our parish and the local area and only cost 2.00 each. They not only introduce readers to the villages but offer guided walks around the area and the church.

Lyminge - a guided walk

Is a booklet which takes the reader on a tour of the village of Lyminge highlighting the historic and curious features which can be found in our highways and byways.

Etchinghill Guide

This guide was completely re-written in 2014 which enabled the author to not only update the text but to also enlarge the content incorporating three illustrated local circular walks. As with the Lyminge Guide the reader is taken on an historical tour including some of the most beautiful views of the parish.

Lyminge Church & Graveyard Guide

The Lyminge Church and Graveyard Guide offers the visitor an introduction to our 7th Century Church and a method of finding specific graves in the church yard by way of alphabetic lists of those interred and a grid system to orientate your search in the graveyard.

Future publications

The material for part 9 will be provided* and may be written by the archaeologists Dr Gabor Thomas and Dr Alexandra Knox, of Reading University, covering the various digs and their finds from 2009 to 2015.

*The provision of the material and writing of volume 9 is dependent on funding being available for Drs Thomas and Knox to undertake the full analysis and write-up of the digs.